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orange you glad your body isn't betraying you?

speaking of windows, i never had an awareness of multiple sclerosis, couldn't tell it apart from muscular dystrophy (my only window to which is jerry lewis). it was not within my field of view. now i have two windows on ms, and it is ms awareness week (and what else is an awareness week but a coordinated window dressing session), and while i don't think one can contribute to the process significantly merely by wearing orange (or the ribbons fashionable for other causes), the picture below is the orange shirt i'm wearing at work today. and i have been asked about it. so now this is me, having been changed by my windows, becoming a window for ms to anyone for whom i may have the honor of having windowship status. most of whom probably have already had one of my two windows as a window for longer than i have. so contribute to the process more significantly than by wearing orange, but wear orange when you go out saturday night.


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