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et nunc et semper dilectoe dicatum

monday lxxxiv bis

in your public life...
words that embody things that may be a part of you are "bikini, breath, chess, engine, escapade, fanatic, fist, love, oracle, pawn, peacock, petal, scandal, sun, trek, voice."

words that embody people or things in your periphery are "ambush, anonymity, attention, body, bosom, boss, cabal, chaos, chosen, cloud, compliance, crimson, darkness, dictionary, emissary, excitement, exhaustion, flute, focus, future, gangster, girl, grass, guide, hacker, heaven, hero, jewel, labyrinth, liberty, madman, mercy, mirror, movie, numerology, octopus, opera, overlord, parliament, phoenix, poor, prey, prison, psychedelic, psychology, radiance, relief, satisfaction, savage, scorpion, sensuality, shame, sky, song, spirit, struggle, succubus, supply, suspense, syzygy, tattoo, theory, usurper, video, warlord, warm."

venator. i thank you, good master, for this observation. but now what shall be done with my chub or cheven that i have caught?

piscator. marry, sir, it shall be given away to some poor body; for i'll warrant you i'll give you a trout for your supper: and it is a good beginning of your art to offer your first-fruits to the poor, who will both thank you and god for it, which i see by your silence you seem to consent to. and for your willingness to part with it so charitably, i will also teach more concerning chub-fishing.

china is a student's paradise where the possession of learning is instantly convertible into unlimited pelf.

in japan the study of the classics was never pursued professionally. it was, however, prosecuted with much zeal en amateur.

had she in the course of time been infected with her lover's madness, or had she so completely entered into his soul that she could understand all its thoughts, even the most perplexed? i lost myself in the wonderful problem of feeling, passing the highest inspirations of passion and the most beautiful instances of self-sacrifice. that one should die for the other is an almost vulgar form of devotion. to live faithful to one love is a form of heroism that immortalized mademoiselle dupuis. when the great napoleon and lord byron could find successors in the hearts of women they had loved, we may well admire bolingbroke's widow; but mademoiselle dupuis could feed on the memories of many years of happiness, whereas mademoiselle de villenoix, having known nothing of love but its first excitement, seemed to me to typify love in its highest expression. if she were herself almost crazy, it was splendid; but if she had understood and entered into his madness, she combined with the beauty of a noble heart a crowning effort of passion worthy to be studied and honored.

and then he rounded the turn and came face to face with an auburn-haired, white giant.

for one forbidden tree a multitude
now risen, to work them further woe or shame;
yet, parched with scalding thirst and hunger fierce,
though to delude them sent, could not abstain;

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