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the greatest precept is continual awareness.

wednesday lxxxiv

write everything you find on this square of bubble gum...if they suspect that you're scouting them, you can just chew up the evidence...

in the sixth line, undivided, we see one to whose increase none will contribute, while many will seek to assail him. he observes no regular rule in the ordering of his heart.

it was my first fire coming after me.

s: by the gods, meno, be generous, and tell me what you say that virtue is; for i shall be truly delighted to find that i have been mistaken, and that you and gorgias do really have this knowledge; although i have been just saying that i have never found anybody who had.

m: there will be no difficulty, Socrates, in answering your question. let us take first the virtue of a man--he should know how to administer the state, and in the administration of it to benefit his friends and harm his enemies; and he must also be careful not to suffer harm himself.

at the word "home," a thrill passed through the child's frame, but he continued silent.

others, on silver lakes and rivers, bathed
their downy breast; the swan with arched neck,
between her white wings mantling proudly, rows
her state with oary feet; yet oft they quit
the dank, and, rising on stiff pennons, tower
the mid aereal sky: others on ground
walked firm; the crested cock whose clarion sounds
the silent hours, and the other whose gay train
adorns him, coloured with the florid hue
of rainbows and starry eyes.

they fear lest we should unsettle the minds of the many for whom these evils will never be mended; lest we make them discontented; discontented with their houses, their occupations, their food, their whole social arrangements; and all in vain.

i should answer, in all courtesy and humility--for i sympathise deeply with such men and women, and respect them deeply likewise-- but are not people discontented already, from the lowest to the highest?

"i like the miller immensely. i have all kinds of beautiful sentiments myself, so there is a great sympathy between us."

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