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this could be the sadddest dusk

thursday lxxxiv

"if she were ill," said the first inquisitive, "she would have sent for the doctor; but the doctor has been all day long playing chess."

he interrupted himself to point to the south. "do y'u see that camel-back peak over there?"

"the one with the sunshine on its lower edge?"

"that's it, miss messiter. they call those two humps the antelope peaks. if y'u can drop me somewhere near there i think i'll manage all right."

"i'm not going to leave you till we reach a house," she informed him promptly. "you're not fit to walk fifty yards."

"that's right kind of y'u, but i could not think of asking so much. my friends will find me if y'u leave me where i can work a heliograph."

that corpse you planted last year in your garden,
has it begun to sprout? will it bloom this year?
or has the sudden frost disturbed its bed?

nevertheless, while their doings were not recognized officially by the government, the perpetrators were neither punished nor reprimanded for their excursions against spanish commerce at home or in the west indies; rather were they commended, and it was considered not altogether a discreditable thing for men to get rich upon the spoils taken from spanish galleons in times of nominal peace.

in your private life...
words that embody your presence are "chemistry, fortress, illuminati, periphery, question, security."

the card at the top of the staff represents the ultimate outcome should you continue on this course. the sun: satisfaction. accomplishment. contentment. success. favorable social relationships. love. joy. devotion. unselfish sentiment. engagement. a happy marriage. earthly happiness. the contentment derived from extending oneself toward another human being. a good friend. high spirits. warmth. sincerity. the rewards of a new friendship. pleasure derived from simple things. liberation.

fear is usually the most available emotion for this result in this particular class of persons. it stands for conscience, and may here be classed appropriately as a "higher affection." if we are soon to die, or if we believe a day of judgment to be near at hand, how quickly do we put our moral house in order--we do not see how sin can evermore exert temptation over us! Old-fashioned hell-fire christianity well knew how to extract from fear its full equivalent in the way of fruits for repentance, and its full conversion value.

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