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you're supposed to be my friend

friday lxxxiv

that pitiful rumour may report my flight to consolate thine ear.
come, night; end, day!
for with the dark, poor thief, i'll steal away.

"all these reefs have been wisely evaded by england," remarked gerard. "i have been there; i admire that beehive, which sends its swarms over the universe and civilizes mankind,--a people among whom discussion is a political comedy, which satisfies the masses and hides the action of power, which then works freely in its upper sphere; a country where elections are not in the hands of a stupid bourgeoisie."

having, in all opposite proposings, sense to understand, judgment to weigh, discretion to choose, firmness to undertake, diligence to conduct, perseverance to accomplish, and resolution to maintain. for obedience to her husband, that is not to be tried till she has one: for faith in her confessor, she has as much as the law prescribes: for embroidery an arachne: for music a siren: and for pickling and preserving, did not one of her jars of sugared apricots give you your last surfeit at arlingford castle?"

"call you that preserving?" said the little friar; "i call it destroying. call you it pickling? truly it pickled me. my life was saved by miracle."

had he, then, served her so futilely after all his efforts?

to their jeering and their jesting:
"true is all iagoo tells us;
i have seen it in a vision,
seen the great canoe with pinions,
seen the people with white faces,
seen the coming of this bearded
people of the wooden vessel
from the regions of the morning,
from the shining land of wabun.
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