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i'll paraphrase my opinion. to be anything at all you must begin by being everything.

tuesday lxxxv

working out the kinks today will make for a better tomorrow.

"puzzle picture! find nannie!"

according to the safety and monitoring report, by 1 january 1946, 23 individuals had received cumulative gamma exposures greater than 2 but less than 4 roentgens. an additional 22 individuals received gamma exposures between 4 and 15 roentgens.

the worst was past, and for the rest of the evening she moved about among the amateurs and professionals, talking, listening, observing, finding out what it meant and taking mental notes of it all.

"all caught, however," retorted the laughing fair one, who was a cousin of miss vere's; "that's something, nancy," she continued, turning to the timid damsel who had first approached the dwarf; "will you ask your fortune?"

"not for worlds," said she, drawing back; "i have heard enough of yours."

"well, then," said miss ilderton, offering money to the dwarf, "i'll pay for mine, as if it were spoken by an oracle to a princess."

"truth," said the soothsayer, "can neither be bought nor sold;" and he pushed back her proffered offering with morose disdain.

"and does not the law forbid you from taking any legacy from your dead?" said popinot, fancying that he saw a touch of irony on his nephew's lips.

"come, uncle, if it were only to enable you to get at the truth of this business, grant my request. you will come as the examining judge, since matters do not seem to you very clear. deuce take it! it is as necessary to cross-question the marquise as it is to examine the marquis."

"you are right," said the lawyer. "it is quite possible that it is she who is mad. i will go."

there from whence envy first did let her loose.

therefore i think and judge it for thy best
thou follow me, and i will be thy guide,
and lead thee hence through the eternal place,

where thou shalt hear the desperate lamentations,
shalt see the ancient spirits disconsolate,
who cry out each one for the second death;

and thou shalt see those who contented are
within the fire, because they hope to come,
whene'er it may be, to the blessed people;

the card represents the critical factor for the issue at hand. the crawling chaos: completeness and intricacy of design. a great work. achievement, reward, and well-earned recognition. a time of success, prosperity, security and joy. may also indicate travel or a change in residence.

not so with freda. she had no cause to love men, but, by some strange alchemy of her nature, her heart went out to women,--to women whom she had less cause to love. and her heart went out to flossie, even then travelling the long trail and facing into the bitter north to meet a man who might not wait for her. a shrinking, clinging sort of a girl, freda pictured her, with weak mouth and pretty pouting lips, blow-away sun-kissed hair, and eyes full of the merry shallows and the lesser joys of life. but she also pictured flossie, face nose-strapped and frost-rimed, stumbling wearily behind the dogs. wherefore she smiled, dancing one night, upon floyd vanderlip.

few men are so constituted that they may receive the smile of freda unmoved; nor among them can floyd vanderlip be accounted. the grace he had found with the model-woman had caused him to re-measure himself, and by the favor in which he now stood with the greek dancer he felt himself doubly a man. there were unknown qualities and depths in him, evidently, which they perceived. he did not know exactly what those qualities and depths were, but he had a hazy idea that they were there somewhere, and of them was bred a great pride in himself. a man who could force two women such as these to look upon him a second time, was certainly a most remarkable man. some day, when he had the time, he would sit down and analyze his strength; but now, just now, he would take what the gods had given him.

and a thin little thought began to lift itself, and he fell to wondering whatever under the sun he had seen in flossie, and to regret exceedingly that he had sent for her. of course, freda was out of the running. his dumps were the richest on bonanza creek, and they were many, while he was a man of responsibility and position. but loraine lisznayi--she was just the woman. her life had been large; she could do the honors of his establishment and give tone to his dollars.

"that woman keeps running in my head," he muttered, as he folded this second epistle and laid it before him, intending to direct it as soon as he had ended his involuntary revery.

the wind is ruthless
the trees shake
angry fingers at the sky
and the people
hunch their shoulders
hold their collars over their ears
and run by

it's a cold rain
it's a hard rain
like the kind
that you find
in songs

i guess that makes me
the jerk with the heartache
here to sing to you about how i've been done wrong

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