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thursday lxxxv bis

being happy is not always being perfect.

the card at the top of the staff represents the ultimate outcome should you continue on this course. ace of stones: health. prosperity. beauty. good weather.

two years' trial satisfied me that i could not be a partner in that matter.

the physical relief of finding herself seated in the buggy, and securely on her road to the mountain, effaced the impression of his words. but as her head cleared she began to understand.

then we filled in the grave and went into the verandah--not the house--to lie down to sleep. we were dead-tired.

now, since the being and nature of man cannot for an instant be without doing or not doing something, enduring or running away from something (for, as we see, life never rests), let him who will be pious and filled with good works, begin and in all his life and works at all times exercise himself in this faith; let him learn to do and to leave undone all things in such continual faith; then will he find how much work he has to do, and how completely all things are included in faith; how he dare never grow idle, because his very idling must be the exercise and work of faith.

vivie [studying him curiously] i suppose you really think you're getting on famously with me.

crofts. well, i hope i may flatter myself that you think better of me than you did at first.

vivie [quietly] i hardly find you worth thinking about at all now. when i think of the society that tolerates you, and the laws that protect you! when i think of how helpless nine out of ten young girls would be in the hands of you and my mother! the unmentionable woman and her capitalist bully--

crofts [livid] damn you!

vivie. you need not. i feel among the damned already.

[she raises the latch of the gate to open it and go out. he follows her and puts his hand heavily on the top bar to prevent its opening.]

crofts [panting with fury] do you think i'll put up with this from you, you young devil?

vivie [unmoved] be quiet. some one will answer the bell. [without flinching a step she strikes the bell with the back of her hand. it clangs harshly; and he starts back involuntarily. almost immediately frank appears at the porch with his rifle].

frank [with cheerful politeness] will you have the rifle, viv; or shall i operate?

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