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a joke in english

can anyone explain this british joke?

this guy goes round to his best friend's house, and he knocks on the door, and the wife answers the door, and he says:
"is charlie in?"
and she bursts into tears.
he says:
"what's the matter, luv?"
and she says:
"it's terrible"
and he says:
"what's wrong?"
"charlie's just dropped dead of a heart attack. two minutes ago."
and she bursts into tears
and he says:
"oh i'm sorry, luv.
and then he says:
"before he went, did he say anything about a pot of brown paint?"


in other news, master micklewhite tells a charming story of how he met his wife by seeing her in a coffee commercial and going to great lengths to meet and woo her, warning, "if you don't want to get married, don't watch television." i'm doomed! she's fourteen years his junior. fancy that.

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