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startled eyes that sometimes see phantasmagoric splendor

pirouette down palsied paths with pennies for the vendor

friday lxxxvi bis

"am i to believe that you have never sought to recommend yourself particularly to miss smith?--that you have never thought seriously of her?"

"never, madam," cried he, affronted in his turn: "never, i assure you. i think seriously of miss smith!--miss smith is a very good sort of girl; and i should be happy to see her respectably settled. i wish her extremely well: and, no doubt, there are men who might not object to--Every body has their level: but as for myself, i am not, i think, quite so much at a loss. i need not so totally despair of an equal alliance, as to be addressing myself to miss smith!"

suddenly she raised her eyes with the beseeching earnestness of a child. "You never speak to me--you think hard things of me," she murmured.

"i think of you at any rate, god knows!" he said.

"then why do we never see each other? why can't we be friends? you promised once to help me," she continued in the same tone, as though the words were drawn from her unwillingly.

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