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she's french. you know that.

saturday lxxxvi

ghostbusters 2 gets a bad rap.
it also contains a bad rap, but that's its prerogative.
sure, it's not as good as its predecessor, but la statue de la liberté walking the streets of new york?
quelle consolation fantastique!

unfortunately there were no extras whatsoever.

i am writing up this part of the diary whilst i am waiting for the coach, which is, of course, late; and the crucifix is still round my neck.

the topmost line, divided, shows its subject with his house made large, but only serving as a screen to his household. when he looks at his door, it is still, and there is nobody about it. for three years no one is to be seen.
the fourth line, divided, shows its subject like the moon nearly full, and like a horse drawing a chariot whose fellow disappears. there will be no error.
the topmost line, undivided, shows its subject in chanticleer trying to mount to heaven.

no doubt--i thought to myself-- had miss vanlo not been thirty and damaged by the climate he would have found it possible to entrust fred vanlo with this confidence. and then the figure of hermann's niece appeared before my mind's eye, with the wealth of her opulent form, her rich youth, her lavish strength. with that powerful and immaculate vitality, her girlish form must have shouted aloud of life to that man, whereas poor miss vanlo could only sing sentimental songs to the strumming of a piano.

"pest!" cried cremiere; "he can't take a step without that girl!"

a general, who has access to the sea, may exercise the faculty as follows: he may either, whilst apparently engaged in fitting out his vessels, strike a blow on land; or with a make-believe of some aggressive design by land, hazard an adventure by sea.

"you must choose between us. our vendetta is a part of our being. whoso does not share my vengeance is not a member of my family."

he then murmured an utterly mysterious allusion to the necessity for peculiar domestic arrangements.

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