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can i help it if my house faces the ballpark?

sunday lxxxviii

the fourth line, undivided, shows its subject deliberating about what to seek his pleasure in, and not at rest. He borders on what would be injurious, but there will be cause for joy.

and having told you, that his spawn is excellent meat, and that the head of a large cheven, the throat being well washed, is the best part of him, i will say no more of this fish at the present, but wish you may catch the next you fish for.

the heralds then proclaimed silence until the laws of the tourney should be rehearsed. these were calculated in some degree to abate the dangers of the day; a precaution the more necessary, as the conflict was to be maintained with sharp swords and pointed lances.

she ripped open another letter. it was from theodore. he was coming to new york in august. the russian tour had been a brilliant success. they had arranged a series of concerts for him in the united states. he could give his concerto there. it was impossible in russia, munich, even berlin, because it was distinctly jewish in theme--as jewish as the kol nidre, and as somber. they would have none of it in europe. prejudice was too strong.

"unhappy man!" said richard, "i wonder no longer at thy misery."

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