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there is a place that /still/ remains

why, she never thought of me at all, until she had cried over you.

i have called my people by night and day, and my call did but increase them in flight

they would decide he had them and come for him. he had only to remain still under cover, therefore, and he would get them. was there any flaw in that? would they take off more removable parts of the flying-machine and then lie up for him? no, they wouldn't do that, because they were two to one; they would have no apprehension of his getting off in the flying-machine, and no sound reason for supposing he would approach it, and so they would do nothing to damage or disable it. that he decided was clear.

it is only hades who is utterly ruthless and unyielding--and hence he is of all gods the one most hateful to mankind.

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