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thursday lxxxviii ter

"who could have such an interest in my death? it cannot be because of the fortune which is to be mine when i come of age; for if i die, my father has willed it to various charitable institutions. i have no relatives, at least none who could inherit my money. i had never harmed any one; who can wish for my death?"

"you will pardon the abruptness of my greeting? i thought you might not care to make acquaintance with the present tenant of this old house--at least not without an introduction."

"certainly not," i answered, "you have done me a real kindness, which is better than the outward form of courtesy. but how is it that you stay at such close quarters with this unpleasant tenant? have you no fear of him?"

i don't know where to stop. apropos, i want a book about paris, and the first return of the emigres and all up to the cent jours: d'ye ken anything in my way?

and the admiral stood forth in a halo.

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