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he could not sleep for thinking of lollipops.

he crept away among the rocks, and got to the cabinet, and behold! it was open.

but when he saw all the nice things inside, instead of being delighted, he was quite frightened, and wished he had never come there. and then he would only touch them, and he did; and then he would only taste one, and he did; and then he would only eat one, and he did; and then he would only eat two, and then three, and so on; and then he was terrified lest she should come and catch him, and began gobbling them down so fast that he did not taste them, or have any pleasure in them; and then he felt sick, and would have only one more; and then only one more again; and so on till he had eaten them all up.

and all the while, close behind him, stood mrs. bedonebyasyoudid.


braintrust bylaw 47a states: we must always have exactly four members.

honoré de balzac is so fucking brilliant. and on the front page of wikpedia today of course. along with this man.

the card at the right of the lower line represents the person or qualities that will reveal spiritual knowledge. ace of coins: perfection. attainment. prosperity. felicity. bliss. gold. valuable coins or artifacts. treasures. the combination of material and spiritual riches.

the card at the bottom represents what you cannot confront or are hiding from yourself. the devil, when reversed: resistance of temptation. freedom from bondage. the pursuit of higher goals despite the influence of luxury and pleasure. release from obsession with money and power. liberation from fear, weakness and indecision through communion with higher powers or the inner voice.

i never saw anybody, not even among the most remarkable men of the day, whose appearance was so striking as this man's; the study of his countenance at first gave me a feeling of great melancholy, and at last produced an almost painful impression.

there was a certain harmony between the man and his name. the z. preceding marcas, which was seen on the addresses of his letters, and which he never omitted from his signature, as the last letter of the alphabet, suggested some mysterious fatality.

marcas! say this two-syllabled name again and again; do you not feel as if it had some sinister meaning? does it not seem to you that its owner must be doomed to martyrdom? though foreign, savage, the name has a right to be handed down to posterity; it is well constructed, easily pronounced, and has the brevity that beseems a famous name. is it not pleasant as well as odd? but does it not sound unfinished?

i will not take it upon myself to assert that names have no influence on the destiny of men. there is a certain secret and inexplicable concord or a visible discord between the events of a man's life and his name which is truly surprising; often some remote but very real correlation is revealed. our globe is round; everything is linked to everything else. some day perhaps we shall revert to the occult sciences.

do you not discern in that letter z an adverse influence? does it not prefigure the wayward and fantastic progress of a storm-tossed life? what wind blew on that letter, which, whatever language we find it in, begins scarcely fifty words? marcas' name was zephirin; saint zephirin is highly venerated in brittany, and marcas was a breton.

study the name once more: z marcas! the man's whole life lies in this fantastic juxtaposition of seven letters; seven! the most significant of all the cabalistic numbers. and he died at five-and-thirty, so his life extended over seven lustres.

marcas! does it not hint of some precious object that is broken with a fall, with or without a crash?

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