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the agony and the irony

then they willingly received him into the ship: and immediately the ship was at the land whither they went.

meanwhile the vast mob of cattle were being driven in a double stream past a knot of men at the head of the space, and then away through gates behind. when the beasts had all gone we approached these men, among whom i recognised the fat form of dingaan draped in a bead mantle. we ranged ourselves in a semicircle before him, and stood while he searched us with his sharp eyes. presently he saw me, and sent a councillor to say that i must come and interpret for him.

so, dismounting, i went with retief, thomas halstead, and a few of the leading boers.

"sakubona [good day], macumazahn," said dingaan. "i am glad that you have come, as i know that you will speak my words truly, being one of the people of george whom i love, for tho-maas here i do not trust, although he is also a son of george."

friday lxxxix

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