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oh! don't use big words. they mean so little.

i blame myself now for what i have written.

the princess frequently sent her cart for me during these days. once when i was going through the court where there were vast quantities of things to be burned for the spirit, all made of paper, i noticed some that were so natural that i was unable to distinguish between them and the real things.

so, at his bloody view, her eyes are fled
into the deep dark cabills of her head;

there aren't so many people in the world who know what's what, but i reckon you'll meet up with a few before you die!"

the third line, undivided, shows its subject, in the condition indicated by ming i, hunting in the south, and taking the great chief of the darkness. he should not be eager to make all correct at once.

gray death saw the wretched house
and even he passed by--
"they have never lived," he said,
"they can wait to die."

thus plaineth he, thus prays, and his desire
endears with sighs that fly and tears that fall;
that as against the warmth of titan's fire,
snowdrifts consume on tops of mountains tall,
so melts her wrath; but love remains entire.
"behold," she says, "your handmaid and your thrall:
my life, my crown, my wealth use at your pleasure;"
thus death her life became, loss proved her tensure.

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