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absolute perfection

d'israeli (b.), 17.
doraston (j.), poem on bookworne, 67, 76.
dust, an enemy of books, 39.
--and neglect in a library, 39-50, 133.
dusting books-how to do it, 136.
dutch church burnt, 15.
--library at guildhall, 16.
ecclesiastical commissioners, 53.
edmonds (mr.), bookseller, 58.
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edwards (mr.), bookseller, 18.

"no, do not curse him, -- pity him instead;
forgive him! -- forgive me! . . god's anodyne
for human hate is pity; and the wine
that makes men wise, forgiveness. i have read
love's message in love's murder, and i die."
and so they laid her just where she would lie,
under red roses. red they bloomed and fell;
but when flushed autumn and the snows went by,
and spring came, -- lo, from every bud's green shell
burst a white blossom. -- can love reason why?

monday xc

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