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sham relief party

sunday xcix

the whole thing marked a change, very slight yet very perceptible; and though no man could say my master had gone at all out of his mind, no man could deny that he had drifted from his character. it was the same to the end, with his manner and appearance. some of the heat of the fever lingered in his veins: his movements a little hurried, his speech notably more voluble, yet neither truly amiss. his whole mind stood open to happy impressions, welcoming these and making much of them; but the smallest suggestion of trouble or sorrow he received with visible impatience and dismissed again with immediate relief.

to come to the next topic: you may work on the enemy's fears by the various devices of mock ambuscades, sham relief parties, false information. conversely, his confidence will reach an overweening pitch, if the idea gets abroad that his opponents have troubles of their own and little leisure for offensive operations.

but over and beyond all that can be written on the subject—inventiveness is a personal matter, beyond all formulas—the true general must be able to take in, deceive, decoy, delude his adversary at every turn, as the particular occasion demands. in fact, there is no instrument of war more cunning than chicanery; (6) which is not surprising when one reflects that even little boys, when playing, "how many (marbles) have i got in my hand?" (7) are able to take one another in successfully. out goes a clenched fist, but with such cunning that he who holds a few is thought to hold several; or he may present several and appear to be holding only a few. is it likely that a grown man, giving his whole mind to methods of chicanery, will fail of similar inventiveness? indeed, when one comes to consider what is meant by advantages snatched in war, one will find, i think, that the greater part of them, and those the more important, must be attributed in some way or other to displays of craft; (8) which things being so, a man had better either not attempt to exercise command, or, as part and parcel of his general equipment, let him pray to heaven to enable him to exercise this faculty and be at pains himself to cultivate his own inventiveness.

"i can stop if i want to. they amuse me, that's all."

"you can't stop. it's in your blood. it's the jew in you."

"the---- here, i'll show you. i won't do another sketch for a year. i'll prove to you that my ancestors' religion doesn't influence my work, or my play."

then, just as falk was ready to put his hand on him, the man let go his hold and sank like a stone. falk reflected on these sights. his heart revolted against the horror of death, and he said to himself that he would struggle for every precious minute of his life.

without wasting any time in the fruitless indulgence of vexation, i once more set out in search of an abode in which i could hide myself for a few weeks.
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