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eggs alone

a suspicion of a smile dawned in his eyes. i wondered if he ever laughed. i would experiment.

"don't breathe it to a soul," i whispered, tragically, "but eggs, and eggs alone, are turning my love for my sister into bitterest hate."

a-kor might have been ten years younger than he, but such differences in age are scarce accounted among a people who seldom or never age outwardly after maturity and whose span of life may be a thousand years.

'and were they happy together?'

"come," she said, taking him by the hand and leading him into her bedroom. after assuring herself that they were quite alone, she drew from her bosom a soiled and crumpled letter.

"read that," she said, making a violent effort to say the words.

she fell into a chair, seemingly exhausted. while the old man searched for his spectacles and rubbed their glasses, she raised her eyes to him, and seemed to study him with curiosity; then she said in an altered voice, and very softly,--

"i trust you."

saturday xcviii bis

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