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and i've got the river / down which you sold me

burning on
many of the plots

the dry weather favouring their combustion

sunday c bis

206 the art of living at the cost of others.
207 the folly of continuing too long upon the stage.
208 the rambler's reception. his design.
no. 34 folly of extravagance. the story of misargyrus.
39 on sleep.
41 sequel of the story of misargyrus.
45 the difficulty of forming confederacies.

the card on the far left represents the fourfold or mystical vision: still viewing through the previous three, we now add a spiritual element, revealing unseen aspects of the object. four of science (repose), when reversed: self-absorbed solitude or seclusion. forced withdrawal. brooding about something. depleted or fatigued by stress. avoiding action by drifting.

isolated during his life by his egoism, that egoism is now suicidal of his glory. on his tomb there is no proclaiming statue to repeat to posterity the mysteries which genius seeks out at its own cost.

in the second line, divided, we see the movement towards union and attachment proceeding from the inward mind.
in the fourth line, divided, we see its subject seeking for union with the one beyond himself.

and i am sure i was a fool to marry you--an old dangling batchelor, who was single of [at] fifty--only because he never could meet with any one who would have him.

we women, my lord, are fanciful in our choice --i had said now, to judge by the eye, there was no comparison to be held betwixt your follower and this gentleman. but varney is a well-spoken fellow, and, to say truth, that goes far with us of the weaker sex.--look you, master tressilian, a bolt lost is not a bow broken. your true affection, as i will hold it to be, hath been, it seems, but ill requited; but you have scholarship, and you know there have been false cressidas to be found, from the trojan war downwards. forget, good sir, this lady light o' Love --teach your affection to see with a wiser eye.

the fourth line, undivided, shows a field where there is no game.

i think i've been down this road some time before

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