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poor turtle smiling in the summer sun

thursday ci

hearts remote, yet not asunder;
distance, and no space was seen
'twixt the turtle and his queen:
but in them it were a wonder.

now, how did ice do this?

well, i was many a year before i found out that, and i dare say i never should have found it out for myself.

there were things she couldn't go into--injunctions, impressions she had received.

"natives cooking in the foreground, fellows standing about smoking, and a whole pile of tinned stores dumped down in one corner, exactly as they would be, don't you know! Oh, i think the Committee made a very good choice indeed, a very good choice."

"this is my fight," said the woodman, "so get behind me and i will meet them as they come."

lily drew away with a movement of quick disdain: it was easier to endure his insolence than his commiseration.

used to look at the stars and dream
'round the world / same stars were seen

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