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i had too much to dream

the centrifugal force which propelled him was evidently, for some reason, greatly accelerated, for the scenery of the country he was crossing glided by him at so rapid a rate of speed that it nearly took his breath away.

"i wonder if i've passed vienna in the night," he thought. "it ought not to have taken me more than a few hours to reach there from paris."

"really, pomfret!"

"forgive me, alice. i'm only a young car, and sometimes, when the petrol gets into my tank-"

"i hope you don't take more than you should."

"i'm sober enough to see you've got a fine pair of headlights."

"i'm afraid you're of rather a coming-on disposition, pomfret."

"i'm afraid i don't understand you," objected the boy. "what will happen to the oz people, and what sort of an army could we get together, except of people?"

"i'll tell you. the forests of oz are full of beasts. some of them, in the far-away places, are savage and cruel, and would gladly follow a leader as savage as themselves. they have never troubled the oz people much, because they had no leader to urge them on, but we will tell them to help us conquer oz and as a reward we will transform all the beasts into men and women, and let them live in the houses and enjoy all the good things."

saturday cxviii

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