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not the favorite, but a favorite that i doubt anyone here has seen:

the princess and the warrior

ebert excerpt:

"the princess and the warrior" is one astonishment after another. it uses coincidence with reckless abandon to argue that deep patterns in life connect some people. it uses thriller elements--not to thrill us, but to set up moral challenges for its characters.

like other directors of his generation, [twyker is] fascinated by narratives that play with time; like "memento," "amores perros" and "one night at mccool's," his film is impatient with straight narratives and linear plots and wants to filter events through more than one point of view. that's at the structural level. what's special about the film is at a deeper level, down where he engages with the souls of his characters.

even denby's not always wrong:
"a strange, accomplished, and, finally, touching romantic drama."

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