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an unwise insight overflows outside the significance.

the card at the top left represents how you see yourself. five of poetry (strife):

"thou art a man
god is no more
thy own humanity
learn to adore
for that is my
spirit of life
awake arise to
spiritual strife

a need for self-improvement. struggling with inner demons, such as issues of conscience. falling into disillusionment, or the dark side of the matter. competition, arguments, power struggles. getting "thrown for a loop." in the creative process: this points to a stressful time battling inner doubts and outer difficulties; you can improve your project or product by getting to the truth of the matter.

in his brief letter to her he had made no allusion to m. riviere's visit, and his intention had been to bury the incident in his bosom.

what he most expected was silence--in other words defiance. but he prayed that, as he imagined it, his shot might bring them down. it did bring, by three o'clock, a note, delivered by a footman; a note addressed in urbain de bellegarde's handsome english hand. it ran as follows:--

"i cannot deny myself the satisfaction of letting you know that i return to paris, to-morrow, with my mother, in order that we may see my sister and confirm her in the resolution which is the most effectual reply to your audacious pertinacity."

it was on this point that she had hoped to engage anne's good offices with mr elliot. she had previously, in the anticipation of their marriage, been very apprehensive of losing her friend by it; but on being assured that he could have made no attempt of that nature, since he did not even know her to be in bath, it immediately occurred, that something might be done in her favour by the influence of the woman he loved, and she had been hastily preparing to interest anne's feelings, as far as the observances due to mr elliot's character would allow, when anne's refutation of the supposed engagement changed the face of everything; and while it took from her the new-formed hope of succeeding in the object of her first anxiety, left her at least the comfort of telling the whole story her own way.

sunday cxxiv

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