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i just said the impossible.

jay did a bit the other night where he'd solicited predictions for 2010 from some 3rd-5th graders at a burbank elementary school (the kids were evidently told in advance their answers might be used on the show). he had copies of the submissions pasted on cardboard, just like his headlines -- the same thing on both sides, so he could present it to the camera & read it at the same time.

what he didn't read was generally more interesting than what he did.

whether it was paraphrased for him, or he did it on the spot, he didn't read the titular sentence on the air.
ani's submission was:

i predict in 2010 there will be world peace...not. like that would ever happen. i predict that boys will take a bath...i just said the impossible.

[jay just repeated "like that would ever happen" after the second prediction]

a really clever 10-year-old, gavin, or one of his parents, snuck a pro-coco joke-o past clueless jay (and his apparently clueless staff):

i predict that there will be a more exciting tv series on fox.

[i can get behind that!]

for some reason though, he skipped haley's prediction that:

all of conan o'brien's year 3000 predictions will come true.

another one he didn't read on air (skipping past this sentence in the letter) was oleg's:

[i predict that] there would be a world war iii between north and south america.

jay only read the set-up, and not the punchline to the joke of budding comedienne clare (of room #23!):

i think that the girl scouts will save the economy by selling more and more cookies.
NOW THAT'S community service!

for some reason, jay didn't read isaac's third prediction:

i predict that south korea will launch a missile at north korea and tell them TO BACK OFF ! ! !
(angry face drawings)

[from isaac's picture, we might surmise he's korean-american]

jay wasn't without his supporters though. another submission, by haylee, was broken down into a grid of six predictions. jay didn't read any of the three below on the air though:

we will watch jay leno evry time it is on.
people will always go to the jay leno show.
every body in the world will be adicted to jay leno.

[she just said the impossible]

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