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the barriers between quantum realities are breaking down. other realities are emerging into our own.

ah, commander data, so stoic.

the ending to lost is constrained by anticipated audience satisfaction.

the ending to the prisoner, not so much.

it certainly is not free, as an episodic series with no linear backbone is, to write a throw-away "what if?" story based on a ludicrous storytelling catalyst. every episode is canon.

and two john lockes is more than enough.

d: the rate of quantum incursions is increasing exponentially. at this rate the sector will be completely filled with enterprises within three days.

wesley!: captain, we're recieving 285,000 hails.

r: i wish i knew what to tell them.
r: mister data, can we stop these incursions?

d: perhaps. if we can find the ship that matches commander worf's quantum signature.

r: how would that help?

d: it was worf's shuttlecraft which traversed the fissure and weakened the barriers between quantum realities. if he reenters the fissure in his original shuttle and emits a broad-spectrum warp field, it may be enough to seal the fissure and stop additional realities from entering our own.

r: what then? how do we get the enterprises that are already here back to where they belong?

d: in theory, the act of sealing the fissure should restore the barriers between quantum states.
the ships would return to their own realities.

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