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laughter is the best. - philo of alexandria

how much lies in laughter: the cipher-key,
wherewith we decipher the whole man.

i heard an unusual noise, looked up, thought it might have been cat 2, but she was sitting still.
i heard it again.
i looked up surreptitiously.
sure enough, she was chasing her tail in circles.
typically the only place she does this is in the bathtub, because there she sees the shadow of her tail and starts chasing that.
she's self-conscious enough that she doesn't like to be observed doing it.

while the ludicrous has no appeal for me as the foundation for the dramatic, it's often good fodder for the comedic.

house is terrific for that:

[house has been pretending that he and wilson are closeted gays in attempt to seduce their new female neighbor, nora, via the conversion trick and at the same time thwart wilson's advances. house and 3b are at a small but crowded restaurant eating. wilson walks in.]

wilson: house!

house: what are you doing here?

wilson: i'm here because....[dramatic pause]

house: nothing you say is going to change anything.

wilson: [loudly, to the whole restaurant] i love this man! and i am not wasting another moment of my life denying that!
[gets on his knees and pops open a ring box with a brilliant diamond ring]
gregory house, will you marry me?

house: [in subdued tone] wow. this is unexpected.

old woman: say yes!

nora: i'm gonna go. you two obviously have some talking to do.

the great thing about house is he's always messing with and pointing out how unreliable are our estimations of other people's intentions based on the limited evidence available to us. but what are we gonna do?

and his saying of things that typically go unsaid.

"i was spending time with you because i want to touch your boobs."

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