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blake tarot

wednesday cxxxii belated

the top left card represents the first possible outcome.
angel of music:

like as an angel glitt'ring in the sky,
in times of innocence and holy joy:
the joyful shepherd stops his grateful song.
to hear the music of an angel's tongue.

a surge of passionate emotion. a call for compassion in the situation. a need to rise above a mundane or materialistic milieu. possibility of being granted a favor or indulgence. an unexpected emotional influence. emerging impulse to personal transformation. development of appropriate aesthetic sensibility.

the top right card represents the second possible outcome.
deliberately looking at the situation in a new way or from a different perspective. brainstorming in a search for solutions. turning things upside down, and being unconventional. creative retreat into yourself. acceptance of losses or reversals. withstanding a difficult or uncomfortable position.

the middle left card represents the force drawing you towards the first possible outcome.
five of painting (hardship):
tangible difficulties, insecurity, or financial worries. possible material losses, pain, or illness. accusations and criticism, or blame from others. exclusion. suffering. issues of support, loyalty, or companionship in hard times. in the creative process: realize that the problems you are trying to solve may put you at odds with others who do not recognize your value. be ready to grapple with personal blocks and fears, and to hear more from your inner voice than reasons why things won't work.

the middle right card represents the force drawing you towards the second possible outcome.
error, when reversed:
rising above the temptation of manipulation or duplicity. maintaining a sense of humor about oneself. keeping your lower nature or personal shadow in check. seeing beyond your fears and ignorance. resisting the pressure of materialistic, institutional, or corporate agents. freedom from sexual or material bondage. not giving in to temptation, guilt, or panic.

the bottom card represents the critical factor that decides what will come to pass.
man of poetry:
"to justify the ways of god to man."
shedding of protections and pretenses. clearing away darkness to boldly reveal the truth. applying foresight and generosity of spirit to challenging circumstances. overcoming your ego to act as a master of spiritual expression. taking the authority to assert how things will be done. possessing mature and well-tested vision, but a tendency to be rigid.

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