cleaning up so well (jones_casey) wrote,
cleaning up so well

twelve easy pieces

when the iceberg hit
they must have known
that god moves on the waters
like casey jones

--gillian welch, april the 14th

photomosiac meme (traces back to notwolf and the person he took it from et al)

1. input each of your responses to the 12 descriptors below in flickr search
2. choose a photo from the first three pages (or however many pages you feel like looking at)
3. copy the url of each photo into this site:
4. share

01. your first name
02. your favorite dessert
03. your hometown
04. your favorite color
05. your celebrity crush
06. your favorite drink
07. your dream vacation
08. your favorite food
09. what you want to be when you grow up
10. what you love most in the world
11. one word that describes you
12. your livejournal name


1. Peppermint ice cream rose, 2. Casey Jones Museum, 3. Welcome to the New Year!, 4. I'm singing in the rain...Just singing in the rain...What a glorious feeling!!!I`m happy again!, 5. St Johns Famous Staircase, 6. Red Heart-autumn landscape, 7. París: A mi amigo Reinante @ Jovisur, 8. Regina Spektor in Austin, 9. You Want A Pizza My Heart ..., 10. Flying Fish Cove, Christmas Island, Australia, 11. Disney - 13 Nights of Halloween - Drunken Skeleton Pirates, 12. Early Risers

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