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i'm not sure whose fortune it thinks it's telling *cough*locke*cough*:

in your private life...
words that embody your presence are "celebration, consort, devotion, monster, rapport, vortex."

words that embody people or things in your periphery are "adversary, affair, alien, ally, america, animal, anticipation, apocalypse, audio, cabaret, camera, circle, coin, demand, dream, duke, flesh, globe, home, i ching, invention, joke, jubilation, key, king, lens, lion, lock, moonlight, resistance, snake, submission, surrender, synergy, tomb, trumpet, typhoon, universe."

the topmost line, undivided, shows the king employing its subject in his punitive expeditions. achieving admirable merit, he breaks only the chiefs of the rebels. where his prisoners were not their associates, he does not punish.


bythos's take:

you ain't knowin' what we mean by starin' through the rearview.
since you ain't knowin' what we mean, let me break it down.
the world? the world is behind us.
once a motherfucker get a understandin' of the game
and what the levels and the rules of the game is
then the world ain't no trick no more
the world is game to be played.
so now we lookin' at the world, from like, behind us.
we know what we gotta do -- just gotta put our mind to it and do it.


also, i just realized it IS in fact the sound of the monster that i keep hearing during the beginning credits of saturday night live. lost producers have confirmed they use in part the sound of nyc cab receipt printers. since well before lost i've wondered why the fuck they wanted to insert that disturbing sound into the snl intro.

thursday cxxxvi

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