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less bread! more taxes!

--and then all the people cheered again, and one man, who was more excited than the rest, flung his hat high into the air, and shouted (as well as i could make out) "who roar for the sub-warden?" everybody roared, but whether it was for the sub-warden, or not, did not clearly appear: some were shouting "bread!" and some "taxes!", but no one seemed to know what it was they really wanted.

the magistrate shook his head. "no, i have done nothing to speak of yet. we have been waiting for you. there is a gendarme at the gate; no one can go in or out without being seen."

"very well, then, let us begin our search now."

about the only worthwhile sentences in this book review are the following:

'as the happiness researchers tim wilson and daniel gilbert have put it, “people routinely mispredict how much pleasure or displeasure future events will bring.”'

'“people do not always know what will give them lasting satisfaction.”'

and duh.

trust a harvard president to argue that poverty is not a problem to be solved because poor people are "happy". less bread! more taxes!

generalizations are dumb.

eta: misappropriation of the word paradox courtesy of ms. graham.

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