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and when you're drunk / you just write poems / like honey bees / that ain't got no honeycombs

interesting (to me) that sawyer and aiken had similar events shape their young lives.

interviewer: what do you think about the contemporary poets who talk about "mind expanding" or "consciousness expanding" -- ginsberg and his group? do you think drugs can expand a writer's awaareness or perceptions?

aiken: i've tried it long ago, with hashish and peyote. fascinating, yes, but no good, no. this, as we find in alcohol, is an escape from awareness, a cheat, a momentary substitution, and in the end a destruction of it. with luck, someone might have a fragmentary "kubla khan" vision. but with no meaning. and with the steady destruction of the observing and remembering mind.


to hear beautiful songs early in their creation is a gift.

moonday cxxxix ter

we'll take to the streets
and chant like an army
and doctor up this
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