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we'll always have fake paris

so i just watched the second half (because i fell asleep while watching it the first time) of what i thought might be the season finale of chuck. most of this season has featured guest star brandon routh (he of the superman reboot which no one seemed to like as well as i did). the last episode and this featured the understatedly charismatic guest star mark sheppard (previously seen guesting on the x-files, the practice, firefly, monk, burn notice, bsg, and dollhouse). the episode finds our heroes in fake paris, which is to say not only were no scenes filmed there, they didn't even use establishing shots. but storywise, still paris.

even if it isn't ending the season, it was definitely the conclusion of several story arcs, including the will-they-or-won't-they love story stretching back to the first episode. it was terrific, although really being filmed in paris would've made it perfect.

but really this post is just an excuse to use the new icon i made.

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