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i'll be your constant craving

[paris, 1953]

"hey, hey, i've seen this one. i've seen this one. this is a classic. this is, uh, where roger blin dresses up as pozzo."

"what do you mean you've seen this? it's brand new."

"yeah, well, i saw it on a ..... rerun."

"what's a rerun?"

"this entry is a rerun."

[and, scene.]

i already linked to / posted this video here, probably within the past year. but mnemosyne gave it to me at the grocer tonight, and well, you know.

maybe / a great magnet pulls / all souls towards truth

fucking magnet.

i'm not obnoxious, i'm just drawn that way.

reserving judgments is a matter of infinite hope.
Tags: bttf, fucking magnets, godot, lost, paris, shut up, torch and twang

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