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but all in vain, good queen, it will not be:
she hath assay'd as much as may be prov'd;
her pleading hath deserv'd a greater fee;
she's love, she loves, and yet she is not lov'd.

'fie, fie!' he says, 'you crush me; let me go;
you have no reason to withhold me so.'

true story

the listeners remembered the days of exile, and all the misfortunes and catastrophes of the past. these words were like the anathemas of the ancient prophets. the captive thundered them forth like bolts from heaven.

presently his voice became almost as sweet and harmonious as if he were uttering a chant. he spoke of the world's redemption from sin and sorrow; of the glories of heaven; of gold in place of clay; of the desert blossoming like the rose. "that which is now worth sixty pieces of silver will not cost a single obol. fountains of milk shall spring from the rocks; men shall sleep, well satisfied, among the wine-presses. the people shall prostrate themselves before thee, and thy reign shall be eternal, o son of david!”

the tetrarch suddenly recoiled from the opening of the pit; the mention of the existence of a son of david seemed to him like a menace to himself. iaokanann then poured forth invectives against him for presuming to aspire to royalty. “there is no other king than the eternal god!” he cried; and he cursed antipas for his luxurious gardens, his statues, his furniture of carved ivory and precious woods, comparing him to the impious ahab. antipas broke the slender cord attached to the royal seal that he wore around his neck, and throwing the seal into the pit, he commanded his prisoner to be silent.

but iaokanann replied: “i shall cry aloud like a savage bear, like the wild ass, like a woman in travail! the punishment of heaven has already visited itself upon thy incest! may god inflict thee with the sterility of mules!”

with a corollary will i mantle thee.

evermore nature, if it fortune find
discordant to it, like each other seed
out of its region, maketh evil thrift;

and if the world below would fix its mind
on the foundation which is laid by nature,
pursuing that, 'twould have the people good.

but you unto religion wrench aside
him who was born to gird him with the sword,
and make a king of him who is for sermons;

therefore your footsteps wander from the road."

andrea looked at marianna with moistened eyes; and she did not color, but half smiled, in a way that betrayed, perhaps, some pride at this speechless homage. the count, too thoroughly fascinated to miss the smallest indication of complaisance, fancied that she must love him, since she understood him so well.

monday cxlii

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