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true stories

the sport of winds: all these, upwhirled aloft.
fly o'er the backside of the World far off
into a Limbo large and broad, since called
the Paradise of Fools; to few unknown
long after, now unpeopled and untrod.

all this dark globe the Fiend found as he passed;
and long he wandered, till at last a gleam
of dawning light turned thitherward in haste
his travelled steps. far distant he descries,
ascending by degrees magnificent
up to the wall of Heaven, a structure high;
at top whereof, but far more rich, appeared
the work as of a kingly palace-gate.
with frontispiece of diamond and gold
imbellished; thick with sparkling orient gems
the portal shon, inimitable on Earth
by model, or by shading pencil drawn.
the stairs were such as whereon Jacob saw
angels ascending and descending, bands
of guardians bright, when he from Esau fled
to Padan-Aram, in the field of Luz
dreaming by night under the open sky.
and waking cried. this is the gate of Heaven.
each stair mysteriously was meant, nor stood
there always, but drawn up to Heaven sometimes
viewless; and underneath a bright sea flowed
of jasper, or of liquid pearl, whereon
who after came from Earth sailing arrived
wafted by Angels, or flew o'er the lake
rapt in a chariot drawn by fiery steeds.
the stairs were then let down, whether to dare
the Fiend by easy ascent, or aggravate
his sad exclusion from the doors of bliss:
direct against which opened from beneath,
just o'er the blissful seat of Paradise,

a passage down to the Earth


"i HAVE been dreaming of thy mother," he said in a small voice.


mowgli parted the stalks with his hands and watched her till she was out of sight.

"and now i do not know," he said, sighing in his turn. "WHY did ye not come when i called?"

"we follow thee--we follow thee," gray brother mumbled, licking at mowgli's heel. "we follow thee always, except in the Time of the New Talk."

"and would ye follow me to the man-pack?" mowgli whispered.

"did i not follow thee on the night our old pack cast thee out? who waked thee lying among the crops?"

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