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"asking is easy," continued zikali in a grumbling voice, "but answering is another matter."

this speech greatly surprised the prisoner, until he reflected that it was just what might be expected of the daemon of repentance. the fellow at once busied himself untying the knots that bound santa claus and unlocking the chains that fastened him to the wall. then he led the way through a long tunnel until they both emerged in the cave of repentance.

"i hope you will forgive me," said the daemon pleadingly. "i am not really a bad person, you know; and i believe i accomplish a great deal of good in the world."

with this he opened a back door that let in a flood of sunshine, and santa claus sniffed the fresh air gratefully.

thus branded as a felon by myself,
how had i dared to look you in the face?
nay, had i known a way to choke the springs
of hearing, i had never shrunk to make
a dungeon of this miserable frame,

"how quick i must be about learning!" cried louis, giving her a piteous, searching look.

"oh! how happy i am!" she said, showering kisses and tears on her son. "he understands me!--louis," she went on, "you will be your brother's guardian, will you not? you promise me that? you are no longer a child!"

"yes, i promise," he said; "but you are not going to die yet--say that you are not going to die!"

"poor little ones!" she replied, "love for you keeps the life in me. and this country is so sunny, the air is so bracing, perhaps----"

"you make me love the island more than ever," said the child.

"yes; why not, moran?"

"because," shouted the girl, "they've got our loot. i don't propose to be plundered of $150,000 if i can help it."

"wassa dat?" demanded charlie. "hunder fiftee tlousand you hab got?"

"i did have it--we had it, the mate and i. we triced a sperm whale for the beach-combers, and when they thought they had everything out of him we found a lump of ambergris in him that will weigh close to two hundred pounds."

and he built his sanctuary like the heights, like the earth which he hath founded for ever.
he chose david also his servant, and took him from the sheepfolds;
from following the ewes that give suck he brought him, to be shepherd over jacob his people, and israel his inheritance.
and so he shepherded them according to the integrity of his heart; and lead them by the skilfulness of his hands.

at the door of the elevator farrington took his leave, and madame beaumont made her last ascent. but before they reached the noiseless cage be said: "just forget that 'harold farrington,' will you? mcmanus is the name -- james mcmanus. some call me jimmy."

"good-night, jimmy," said madame.


in your private life...
words that embody your presence are "descendant, ivory, memory, mystic, parasite, revival, success,
summer, talisman, treaty, unity, virus, winter."

words that embody the people or things that you interact with are "crystal, oblivion, potency, prophet,
sentinel, sunset, tyrant, waterfall, whisper."

words that embody the causes of your circumstances are "ice."

words that embody people or things in your periphery are "constitution."

saturday cxlviii

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