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canada's so effing huge!

so i got my enhanced driver's license (which allows me to cross the border) in time, and i'm gonna see counting crows on thursday across the river in windsor. they're playing the following night on the shores of lake simcoe, WELL north of toronto (why not toronto?):

it's a drive of nearly six hours.
if i had my druthers i'd take friday off and spend the day on the lake before the show. hard to justify when you've just had monday off though. i guess once will have to be enough.

also, i am overjoyed at the universe's sensibilities.
i hadn't been following along so i only recently learned that adam has been having a december-may romance with emmy rossum, best known i imagine for the phantom of the opera (2004), whose full name is emmanuelle grey rossum. and if you know adam even slightly, you know that grey is his favorite color since way back. i think she's perfect for him. (and there's got to be someone for me.) (yeah, that's right, my name is mister jones).

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