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in continuing this year's trend of seeing my favorite bands live, i saw tonight roger clyne, formerly of the short-lived refreshments, since 1998 going under the moniker roger clyne and the peacemakers. you may know them, without knowing them, from the king of the hill theme song, if you don't know them from banditos. the band never really took off despite a few radio hits, and none of my friends liked them like i liked them (if they even liked them). never really met anyone who did. so i was very surprised to see that about 300 people came out to see them, and most of them (plenty of whom were younger than i) knew the lyrics to all of the songs. i myself only knew the eight that came from the two refreshments albums. i'd heard a few of the songs released as rcpm, but had not spent much time with them. a fun fantastic 23 song set with lots of crowd participation.

(not from tonight):

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