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so it was not everything i'd expected. nolan's two batman movies i think are successful in part because they ground the fantastic in the real so well. the opposite of the corny cartoonish batman & robin with arnold's mr. freeze. but they don't marginalize the fantastic and the colorful. inception, despite dealing with "dreams", was deadly serious, and super-structured. rather than dreams, with their illogical logic, bizarre circumstances and environments, unpredictable but seamless shifts of locale, and sense that literally anything can happen, the worlds where the film's action takes place are more akin to holodeck programs -- pre-constructed virtual environments, which play by extremely logical and consistent rules (even when different than the real world). although cobb indicates that they'll have play it by ear once they're in a "dream", and to an extent they do, the team is able to plan out their actions in advance with great detail given the created structure of the "dream" and the logical way things progress inside. and despite some indications that an architect can control the "dream" world once inside it, this is not really made use of (apparently in part "because it will alert the dreamer that they're dreaming"). so there's not a whole lot of the unexpected occurring. but it is yet another really well done action film with some very unique sequences and effects worthy of the large screen i saw it on. and it spends a nice amount of time in paris. the ultimate ending was disappointing also, but c'est la. i would recommend it with: the film may fail to be what one had hoped it would be, but it excels at being what it is.

and wouldn't you know, the first song i got from mnemosyne after seeing it was the world i know by collective soul. ha!

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