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they owe their name to a computer program which selects names according to the coincidence principle

how it is felt to us to being blue? a text as blue transmits to joy and semplicita but in truth is born from deeper thoughts. the text of blue is based on the persons and as they are made. that is, everyone of we has of the ideas, opinions, and a style of life that prefers. i identify this with a color, in the case of blue, the crowds are alive, a funny protagonist in a way that it wants to paint with the blue color. blue like the sky, the sea, the earth seen from the space, and beautiful the corvettes of years 70 (which the protagonist of the song says he has).

how is been born the name "eiffel 65"? to find a name of a group it is always a delicate process, in how much it would have to ago represent the artist or the music that. for which, contraverse to this rule, we have decided to create a program on the computer that created the names random, that is to case, in how much the case, second we, are a powerful creative instrument. and it is exited eiffel 65. in practical, we have pulled dice, leaving that also god took the own responsibilities...evidently it has carried fortune.

with security the friends of the dance tracks will experience soon again their blue miracle.

yeah, why not?
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