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term of art not actually having anything to do with a drive-in movie


the numbering of the sides of the discs in many double and triple albums (and boxed sets of lps and 78s) is explained by the fact that they were designed to be played on record changers. after the discs were stacked and one side of each disc played, the entire stack would be turned over as a complete unit and replaced on the changer. thus, to be heard in the proper sequence, the discs of a four-disc set would contain, respectively, "sides" 1 & 8, 2 & 7, 3 & 6, and 4 & 5 - a practice known as "automatic sequencing", "changer sequencing", or "auto-coupling". the record changer fell out of favour with record collectors in the late 1970s and was absent from most phonographs in the 1980s. however, some retro-style phonographs manufactured today have the record changer feature again.
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