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this is no time to wrangle / but consult / how best we may fulfill the oracle

i'm so glad now, i'm gettin' delirious.

he, yielding to every inconstant impulse, fluttered here and there, now leaving her far behind, now lingering far behind himself, now darting into some by-lane or path and leaving her to pursue her way alone, until he stealthily emerged again and came upon her with a wild shout of merriment, as his wayward and capricious nature prompted. now he would call to her from the topmost branch of some high tree by the roadside; now using his tall staff as a leaping-pole, come flying over ditch or hedge or five-barred gate; now run with surprising swiftness for a mile or more on the straight road, and halting, sport upon a patch of grass with grip till she came up. these were his delights.

ye men of gloom and austerity, who paint the face of infinite benevolence with an eternal frown; read in the everlasting book, wide open to your view, the lesson it would teach. its pictures are not in black and sombre hues, but bright and glowing tints; its music — save when ye drown it — is not in sighs and groans, but songs and cheerful sounds. listen to the million voices in the summer air, and find one dismal as your own. remember, if ye can, the sense of hope and pleasure which every glad return of day awakens in the breast of all your kind who have not changed their nature; and learn some wisdom even from the witless, when their hearts are lifted up they know not why, by all the mirth and happiness it brings.

the card second from the bottom of the staff represents your environment and the people you are interacting with. king of coins, when reversed: if intelligent, one susceptible to the influence of the child of saturn, accidia, the inertia and melancholy of the philosophers.

the card second from the top of the staff represents your hopes, fears, or an unexpected element that will come into play. three of coins (works): beauty. balance. harmony. well-being.

the card at the top of the staff represents the ultimate outcome should you continue on this course. two of swords (peace): friendship, especially between student and teacher or younger and older. the adventure and excitement of childhood and adolescence.

eudora held her head proudly. "time passes swiftly," said she, tritely.

"but sometimes it may seem long in the passing, however swift," said lawton, "though i suppose it has not to you. you look just the same," he added, regarding her admiringly.

eudora flushed a little. "i must be changed," she murmured.

"not a bit. i would have known you anywhere. but i--"

"i knew you the minute you spoke."

"did you?" he asked, eagerly. "i was afraid i had grown so stout you would not remember me at all. qeer how a man will grow stout. i am not such a big eater, either, and i have worked hard, and--well, i might have been worse off, but i must say i have seen men who seemed to me happier, though i have made the best of things. i always did despise a flunk.

you can't see forward
you can't look back
there's nothing that you need
nothing that you lack
and it ain't gonna last
this way

SUNday clxiii

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