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the first (bottommost) line, undivided, shows that occasion for repentance will disappear. he has lost his horses, but let him not seek for them - they will return of themselves. should he meet with bad men, he will not err in communicating with them.

the card represents the critical factor for the issue at hand. aries: an adventurous pioneer, brimming with courage and enthusiasm. love of competition and conflict. confidence in your abilities, limitless energy, and a quick wit. the need to be the best.

"it is eleven o'clock," repeated the silent figure, looking at the painter.

the young man, hearing these words rather more distinctly than all the others, thought it time to retire. coming back to the world of ordinary ideas, he found a few commonplace remarks to make, took leave of the baroness, her daughter, and the two strangers, and went away, wholly possessed by the first raptures of true love, without attempting to analyze the little incidents of the evening.

on the morrow the young painter felt the most ardent desire to see adelaide once more. if he had followed the call of his passion, he would have gone to his neighbor's door at six in the morning, when he went to his studio. however, he still was reasonable enough to wait till the afternoon. but as soon as he thought he could present himself to madame de rouville, he went downstairs, rang, blushing like a girl, shyly asked mademoiselle leseigneur, who came to let him in, to let him have the portrait of the baron.

"but come in," said adelaide, who had no doubt heard him come down from the studio.

the painter followed, bashful and out of countenance, not knowing what to say, happiness had so dulled his wit. to see adelaide, to hear the rustle of her skirt, after longing for a whole morning to be near her, after starting up a hundred time--"i will go down now"--and not to have gone; this was to him life so rich that such sensations, too greatly prolonged, would have worn out his spirit. the heart has the singular power of giving extraordinary value to mere nothings. what joy it is to a traveler to treasure a blade of grass, an unfamiliar leaf, if he has risked his life to pluck it! it is the same with the trifles of love.

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