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caesar, necessariis rebus imperatis, ad cohortandos milites, quam [in] partem fors obtulit, decucurrit et ad legionem decimam devenit. milites non longiore oratione cohortatus quam uti suae pristinae virtutis memoriam retinerent neu perturbarentur animo hostiumque impetum fortiter sustinerent, quod non longius hostes aberant quam quo telum adigi posset, proelii committendi signum dedit. atque in alteram item cohortandi causa profectus pugnantibus occurrit. temporis tanta fuit exiguitas hostiumque tam paratus ad dimicandum animus ut non modo ad insignia accommodanda sed etiam ad galeas induendas scutisque tegimenta detrahenda tempus defuerit.

when the dinner began she apologized twice
for the olives, because they were small;
she was certain the celery, too, wasn't nice,
and the soup didn't suit her at all.
she was sorry she couldn't get whitefish instead
of the trout that the fishmonger sent,
but she hoped that we'd manage somehow to be fed,
though her dinner was not what she meant.
and enid loved the queen, and with true heart
adored her, as the stateliest and the best
and loveliest of all women upon earth.
and seeing them so tender and so close.
long in their common love rejoiced geraint.
but when a rumor rose about the queen,
touching her guilty love for lancelot,
though yet there lived no proof, nor yet was heard
the world's loud whisper breaking into storm,
not less geraint believed it ; and there fell
a horror on him, lest his gentle wife,
through that great tenderness for guinevere,
had suffered or should suffer any taint
in nature : wherefore going to the king,
he made this pretext, that his princedom lay
close on the borders of a territory,
"wherein were bandit earls, and caitiff knights,
assassins, and all flyers from the hand
of justice, and whatever loathes a law :
and therefore, till the king himself should please
to cleanse this common sewer of all his realm,
he craved a fair permission to depart,
and there defend his marches ; and the king
mused for a little on his plea, but, last,
allowing it, the prince and enid rode,
and fifty knights rode with them, to the shores
of severn, and they past to their own land.

it grieves me, lordings, that my subjects' goods should thus be spoiled by the scithians, who, as you see, with lightfoot foragers depopulate the places where they come. but cursed humber thou shalt rue the day that ere thou camest unto cathnesia.

now i will gladly have done with wicked spirits and with fighting and bloodshed. it was not from choice that i told of the awgwas and their allies, and of their great battle with the immortals. they were part of this history, and could not be avoided.

those were happy days for claus when he carried his accumulation of toys to the children who had awaited them so long. during his imprisonment in the valley he had been so industrious that all his shelves were filled with playthings, and after quickly supplying the little ones living near by he saw he must now extend his travels to wider fields.

remembering the time when he had journeyed with ak through all the world, he know children were everywhere, and he longed to make as many as possible happy with his gifts.

so he loaded a great sack with all kinds of toys, slung it upon his back that he might carry it more easily, and started off on a longer trip than he had yet undertaken.

"what was all that noise just now?" he growled peevishly, without looking up. "confound you and your mother! what did she want? what did you come out for?"

"she did not want to let me come out," said nina. "she is angry. she says the man just gone is some rajah. i think she is right now."

"i believe all you women are crazy," snarled almayer. "what's that to you, to her, to anybody? the man wants to collect trepang and birds' nests on the islands. he told me so, that rajah of yours. he will come to-morrow. i want you both to keep away from the house, and let me attend to my business in peace."

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