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i wanna work with you, luther. (redford plays a whiny young jedi)

cryin' jonesy from denver reports:

"i don't need anymore of what i got."

"yeah, well, you ain't gonna have anything if you don't lay off the games of chance. there's a depression on, you know?"

"yeah, there's always a depression on."

"if you saved a little bit, maybe you wouldn't have to grift so much."

"i like grifting."


"listen, gandalf, am i gonna learn to play the big con, or not?"

"playing the big con ain't like playing winos in the street, kid."


"i'm getting too old for this racket." predates "i'm too old for this shit."


"i, uh, was wonderin' if you might want to come out for a while. maybe have a drink or somethin'."

"you move right along, don't you?"

"hey, i don't mean nothin' by it. i just don't know many regular girls, is all."

"and you expect me to come out. just like that."

"if i expected somethin' i wouldn't still be standing out here in the hall."

"i don't even know you."

"you know me. i'm just like you. it's two in the morning and i don't know nobody."


the killing of loretta salino is out of place in a light adventure where the emphasis is trickery, not violence. a necessary device to lend reality to the shooting of newman and redford, perhaps, and glossed over, but still. and it seems to me what went completely unexplained was: why did salino kill the goon who'd chased redford into the alley, who clearly recognized salino? the only explanation i can think of is that salino had fallen for redford, and therefore killed another hitman she knew had been hired by harrigan, in order to protect redford. how tragic if she'd saved his life and he never even knew about it.

item: "the sting ii was partially filmed at the santa cruz beach boardwalk. the giant dipper roller coaster is renamed cyclone for the movie." interesting!

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