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i want to tell someone invisible that it's not fair

the left card represents an important element of the past. union: the successful coming-together of something vitally important to you. getting your act together at last. the joining of male and female forces, or unification of inner and outer life. not holding anything back. being at the center. completion. spiritual self-sacrifice.

the middle card represents a deciding element of the present. five of science (division): feeling overwhelmed and unable to focus on the whole problem. being unable to cut yourself loose. being mentally hung up. personal entanglements. intellectually split. divided loyalties. inaction through indecision.

the right card represents a critical element of the future. four of science (repose), when reversed: self-absorbed solitude or seclusion. forced withdrawal. brooding about something. depleted or fatigued by stress. avoiding action by drifting.

infallible is agni, he who goes before the tribes of men, a chariot swift and ever new.
strength of the gods which none may harm, subduing all his enemies, agni is mightiest in fame.
by offering sacred food to him the mortal worshipper obtains a home from him whose light makes pure.
from agni, by our hymns, may we gain all things that bring happiness.

when i had gone a little distance i remembered the spaniard, who had been clean forgotten by me in all this love and war, and i turned to seek him and drag him to the stocks, the which i should have done with joy, and been glad to find some one on whom to wreak my wrongs. but when i came to the spot where i had left him, i found that fate had befriended him by the hand of a fool, for there was no spaniard but only the village idiot, billy minns by name, who stood staring first at the tree to which the foreigner had been made fast, and then at a piece of silver in his hand.

i' faith, that will not fill our stomachs!

something was hovering over you boy, just then
you scolded me, told me don't bother and vanished again
and everything perfect you said was just mirrors and wires
you look left, i was right here with my feet in my fire

saturnday clxviii

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