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finally found an appropriate tag for these entries: bricolage.*

*of course, "if one calls bricolage the necessity of borrowing one's concept from the text of a heritage which is more or less coherent or ruined, it must be said that every discourse is bricoleur."


the people were in a state of panic in cardiff and many had fled to the hills, and directly the steamer came to the harbour she was boarded and her residue of food impounded by some unauthenticated provisional committee. bert tramped through a country disorganised by pestilence, foodless, and shaken to the very base of its immemorial order. he came near death and starvation many times, and once he was drawn into scenes of violence that might have ended his career. but the bert smallways who tramped from cardiff to london vaguely "going home," vaguely seeking something of his own that had no tangible form but edna, was a very different person from the desert dervish who was swept out of england in mr. butteridge's balloon a year before. he was brown and lean and enduring, steady-eyed and pestilence-salted, and his mouth, which had once hung open, shut now like a steel trap. across his brow ran a white scar that he had got in a fight on the brig. in cardiff he had felt the need of new clothes and a weapon, and had, by means that would have shocked him a year ago, secured a flannel shirt, a corduroy suit, and a revolver and fifty cartridges from an abandoned pawnbroker's. he also got some soap and had his first real wash for thirteen months in a stream outside the town. the vigilance bands that had at first shot plunderers very freely were now either entirely dispersed by the plague, or busy between town and cemetery in a vain attempt to keep pace with it. he prowled on the outskirts of the town for three or four days, starving, and then went back to join the hospital corps for a week, and so fortified himself with a few square meals before he started eastward.

betwixt midnight and dawn another band came to the town, and with them came the bishop of hereford. when he heard that robin hood had once more slipped out of the trap, he stayed not a minute, but, gathering his bands together, he pushed forward to the northward with speed, leaving orders for all the troops that came to saint albans to follow after him without tarrying. on the evening of the fourth day he reached nottingham town, and there straightway divided his men into bands of six or seven, and sent them all through the countryside, blocking every highway and byway to the eastward and the southward and the westward of sherwood.

the card at the right of the lower line represents the person or qualities that will reveal spiritual knowledge. eight of cups (indolence), when reversed: awareness. perseverance. optimism.

in your private life...
words that embody your presence are "arrow, commerce, doctor, genius, humor, madness, skull, spiral, tactics, thorn, voyage."

words that embody people or things in your periphery are "resurrection."

thursday clxxiv
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