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it's a beautiful day

aung san suu kyi released

and as unlikely as it is, i was thinking about how u2 wrote the moving song walk on about her, and thinking that today more justifies it's a beautiful day, and then i was flipping through bythos' 44k songs at random to music this entry and the fourth song i hit was it's a beautiful day.

you thought you'd found a friend
to take you out of this place
someone you can lend a hand
in return for grace
it's a beautiful day
the sky falls
and you feel like it's a beautiful day
don't let it get away

you're on the road
but you've got no destination
you're in the mud
in the maze of her imagination

you love this town
even if it doesn't ring true
you've been all over
and it's been all over you

it's a beautiful day
don't let it get away

beautiful day clxxiv

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