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it was foretold

myself, drawn as a romantic circa 1815-1865, thanks to wolodymyr:

Many records exist, yet so little is known! The family's wealth can be traced back to the Civil War, where they fought on the Parliamentary side, and seem generally to have displayed the character observed in Casey himself - diligent, charitable, moderate in all things but whimsy.

Married, but impossible to say to whom.

Although land provided Casey a more than satisfactory income, as a hobby he kept accounts for a number of local businessmen, including an early competitor of Charles Babbage. In order to avoid social pressure to attend hunting parties, Casey began a habit of camping on isolated portions of his lands. This is most likely how he encountered the gypsies with whom he was to spend a great portion of his time over the successive years, acquiring skill at the quixotic art of divination.

Although he took care to do most of his reading well away from the people to whom he was known, in later years the commonplace of the country was, "Yea, I knew the Master. Was him read this very hand." Casey's line, beneath the mound of Saturn on the left hand, indicates a capacity for poetry.

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